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  1. In The Darkest Place (4:15)
  2. Toledo (4:31)
  3. I Still Have That Other Girl (2:44)
  4. This House Is Empty Now (5:08)
  5. Tears At The Birthday Party (4:37)
  6. Such Unlikely Lovers (3:22)
  7. My Thief (4:17)
  8. The Long Division (4:11)
  9. Painted From Memory (4:11)
  10. The Sweetest Punch (4:07)
  11. What's Her Name Today? (4:05)
  12. God Give Me Strength (6:10)
It is easy to imagine a hypothetical Painted From Memory reissue including its own album-length Rhino-style bonus disc, since there is already an album's worth of related material available on existing CDs. These tracks — alternate and live versions of Painted From Memory songs, Elvis covering old Bacharach hits, and an Elvis cameo on one of Burt's solo albums — are listed in the "Related Extras" section below.

The songs listed in the "Additional Extras" and "Unreleased & Unrecorded" sections  have no real connection to Painted From Memory other than the chronological one. They seem less likely to be part of a Painted From Memory reissue, but they could turn up somewhere else.

There has, in fact, already been a Painted From Memory reissue. Seven months after the album's initial release, the "2CD limited tour edition" was issued in the UK with a bonus disc of five otherwise unavailable live recordings. These tracks are included in the "Related Extras" section.


    [Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me — Music from the Motion Picture album by various artists]
Elvis and Burt make a brief appearance in the second Austin Powers film miming to a new recording of the Bacharach & David classic. They filmed their part in November 1998 and presumably recorded the song shortly before that.

GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH (Live, New York, Feb. 25, 1997)
    [Live On Letterman — Music from the Late Show album by various artists]
GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH (Live, New York, Apr. 8, 1998)
    [One Amazing Night album by Burt Bacharach]
PAINTED FROM MEMORY (Live, New York, Oct. 18, 1998)
    [The Best Of Sessions at West 54th album by various artists]
THIS HOUSE IS EMPTY NOW (Live, New York, Nov. 23, 1998)
    [Painted From Memory (2CD Limited Tour Edition)]
I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF (Live, London, Jun. 30, 2000)
    [Tribute To Burt Bacharach & Hal David album by various artists]
These are the officially released live performances by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach. They are backed by a larger band on all but "This House Is Empty Now," which features only Elvis' voice and Burt's piano. "This House Is Empty Now" and both versions of "God Give Me Strength" are abbreviated arrangements of the songs, having been shortened for the television shows for which they were originally recorded. The first "God Give Me Strength" actually dates from Elvis' tenure with Warner Bros., but it is listed on this page for thematic reasons. Elvis and Burt also included versions of Bacharach & David's "Make It Easy On Yourself," "My Little Red Book," and "Anyone Who Had A Heart" in most of their 1998 concert appearances, and all three can be heard on the officially released Sessions At West 54th video.

TOLEDO arranged by Bill Frisell
    [The Sweetest Punch — The New Songs of Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach album by Bill Frisell]
I STILL HAVE THAT OTHER GIRL with Cassandra Wilson; arranged by Bill Frisell
    [The Sweetest Punch — The New Songs of Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach album by Bill Frisell]
While Elvis and Burt were working on Painted From Memory in Los Angeles, Bill Frisell was recording his primarily instrumental arrangements of the same songs in New York. Although he was not otherwise involved in the recording of The Sweetest Punch, Elvis contributed vocals to a reworked "Toledo" and a duet version of "I Still Have That Other Girl" with Cassandra Wilson.

TEARS AT THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (Live, Sydney, Jan. 27, 1999)
    ["Toledo" CD single #1]
WHAT'S HER NAME TODAY? (Live, Tokyo, Feb. 10, 1999)
    [Painted From Memory (2CD Limited Tour Edition)]
I STILL HAVE THAT OTHER GIRL (Live, Tokyo, Feb. 10, 1999)
    [Painted From Memory (2CD Limited Tour Edition)]
SUCH UNLIKELY LOVERS (Live, Perth, Feb. 13, 1999)
    ["Toledo" CD single #2]
IN THE DARKEST PLACE (Live, Melbourne, Feb. 16, 1999)
    [Painted From Memory (2CD Limited Tour Edition)]
PAINTED FROM MEMORY (Live, Melbourne, Feb. 16, 1999)
    [Painted From Memory (2CD Limited Tour Edition)]
Nine songs from Elvis Costello and Steve Nieve's 1999 "Lonely World Tour" were distributed among various CDs in 1999, including these six versions of Painted From Memory songs. All differ significantly from the elaborately produced album versions.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? with Burt Bacharach
    [At This Time album by Burt Bacharach]
WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? (Explicit Version) with Burt Bacharach
    [download-only single]
Elvis does most of the singing on this song (written by Bacharach and Tonio K) from Burt's 2005 album. The song was originally recorded with Elvis singing the closing line as "See things really have to change or we're all fucked," but the lyric was toned down to "See things really have to change before it's too late" on the album. The original "explicit version" was made available from online download services (including iTunes and Yahoo! Music) in February 2006.


LONG JOURNEY HOME (ANTHEM) with The Chieftains, The Irish Film Orchestra and Anϊna
    [Long Journey Home — Original Soundtrack album by various artists]
"Long Journey Home" was created for the TV miniseries The Irish In America: Long Journey Home. It was written by Elvis and Paddy Moloney and recorded with The Chieftains, The Irish Film Orchestra, and the vocal group Anϊna at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin. Released in January 1998, "Long Journey Home" apparently dates from the brief period following Elvis' departure from Warner Bros. and prior to his debut as a Mercury recording artist. (The CD booklet says he "appears courtesy of By Eleven," his management company.) The track can also be found on The Chieftains' 2002 album The Wide World Over — A 40 Year Celebration, but there it is in the form of the "radio edit" (previously available on a European promo-only CD single) which is about a minute shorter than on the soundtrack album.

    [A Tribute to Joni Mitchell album by various artists]
Although it went unreleased until 2007, Elvis recorded this Joni Mitchell song (from 1975's The Hissing Of Summer Lawns) for the long-delayed tribute album August 21, 1997 at London's Westside Studios.

    [The Big Lebowski — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album by various artists]
MY MOOD SWINGS (Alternate Mix)
    ["My Mood Swings" promo CD single]
Elvis' unofficial debut as a Mercury recording artist was this Costello/O'Riordan original written especially for the film The Big Lebowski and produced by T Bone Burnett. It was recorded at New York's Clinton Recorders with Marc Ribot, Greg Cohen, and Jim Keltner in October 1997 and first released on the movie's soundtrack album in February 1998. A promo-only CD single inexplicably featured a completely different mix of the song. The original mix from the soundtrack album was also used as the B-side of the single for "45" in 2002.

    [Notting Hill — Music From The Motion Picture album by various artists; also released as a single and included on The Very Best Of Elvis Costello]
Elvis' version of Charles Aznavour's "She" was recorded for use in the 1999 Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant film Notting Hill. Its subsequent release as a single resulted in a respectable chart hit (#19 in the UK — making it Elvis' biggest hit in the UK since 1983's "Pills And Soap") which also found a home on The Very Best Of Elvis Costello later in 1999.

BABY PLAYS AROUND (Live, Sydney, Feb. 19, 1999)
    ["Toledo" CD single #2]
INCH BY INCH / FEVER (Live, Sydney, Feb. 19, 1999)
    ["Toledo" CD single #1]
ALISON (Live, Rome [New York] Jul. 25, 1999)
    [Woodstock 99 — Volume Two album by various artists]
Three additional recordings from Elvis Costello and Steve Nieve's 1999 "Lonely World Tour."

MEET ME ON THE CORNER with Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
    [Beatin' the Heat album by Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks]
This uptempo duet with Dan Hicks also features Brian Setzer on guitar and was released in 2000. Elvis' involvement was limited to adding his vocal to an otherwise completed track.

    ["Bright Blue Times" 10" single]
    ["Bright Blue Times" 10" single]
Elvis wrote and recorded "Bright Blue Times" especially for the film Soft Sand, Blue Sea, which was produced by Alan Bleasdale and aired on British television in 1998. Elvis played the recorded version on Irish radio shortly before the telecast and explained, "It's not out on record yet, but it'll turn up somewhere — I don't really know where." The same 1998 recording finally turned up on a 10" vinyl single credited to The Imposter, reportedly limited to 500 copies, and sold exclusively at Elvis' concerts in June 2017. It is unknown whether the dub version on the b-side was also prepared in 1998 or is a more recent creation.


Several unrecorded tunes were premiered during Costello & Nieve's 1999 Lonely World Tour. Most of them — "45," "Alibi," "When I Was Cruel," "Oh Well," "Soul For Hire," "Heart Shaped Bruise," "I Dreamed Of My Old Lover," "Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter," and "Suspect My Tears" — have since been recorded. "You Lie Sweetly," written by Costello & Nieve and originally intended for Nieve's song cycle Correspondence, was performed frequently by the duo in 1999 and occasionally since, but its only official release to date is a version sung by Sting on Steve Nieve's 2013 album ToGetHer.

Another unrecorded tune from the Lonely World Tour was played only twice before receiving official release in the form of Ute Lemper's cover version (on her 2000 album Punishing Kiss). "I sent two versions of it to Ute, different kinds of variations on the available verses and left it for her to choose which final lyrics she sang," Elvis said at the time. Elvis had joked in 1996 about writing a song called "Couldn't You Keep That to Yourself" for Madonna, which may indicate that the song was written around the time of All This Useless Beauty.


Elvis is featured as producer, co-writer (with Cait O'Riordan), and background vocalist on "I Throw My Toys Around," which was credited to "No Doubt featuring Elvis Costello" in its initial appearance on the soundtrack to The Rugrats Movie in 1998. (It can also be found on the No Doubt box set Boom Box and B-sides collection Everything in Time.) It is not listed above because I do not consider it a Costello performance. The track was recorded April 23, 1998.

An early version of "God Give Me Strength" recorded with the Attractions is discussed on the All This Useless Beauty page.

"Sleepless Nights," Elvis' contribution to Return of the Grievous Angel: A Tribute to Gram Parsons, was recorded around the time of Painted From Memory but is not listed above as it has already appeared as part of Rhino's reissue program on the Kojak Variety bonus disc. Similarly, the Elvis-related songs from Roy Nathanson's Fire at Keaton's Bar & Grill date from this period but are included on The Juliet Letters bonus disc.

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